We have compiled a section of frequently asked questions from our customers. In here you may find answers to some of the questions you might have.

Where are you based and where do you ship from?

We have offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Witbank. We ship from Johannesburg South Johannesburg North and now Cape Town, from 3 separate dispatch centers. The separate centers assist us in efficient dispatch as a result of high dispatch volumes from time to time.

Can I collect?

Unfortunately we offer no self-collect. The reason for this is due to the fact that we ship different products from different dispatch centers sometimes in 2 shipments. This sometimes does not allow us to consolidate an order for collection in an easy and timeous manner. In addition to this, our dispatch is sterile and we try not to allow member of the public into these properties due to contamination concerns.

Do you offer certificates of authenticity?

We do not offer these certificates due to the high cost of obtaining and renewing these, which affect the costs of the products to consumer.

How can I be sure that I'm getting what I'm ordering?

As we don’t offer certificates of authenticity, we offer reviews that can be seen on our website, www.peptides.co.za , on Facebook under reviews: https://www.facebook.com/researchpeptidesza/reviews/?ref=page_internal and on HelloPeter : https://www.hellopeter.com/research-peptides . We also offer a no questions asked money back guarantee on all orders should the result not be evident or should you for one reason or another be unhappy with product. We offer one swop or refund per customer, whichever the client chooses.

How do I know that I will get my order and that you're not a scam?

As there have been many scams with peptides and other products on the internet, we understand this question. We have been trading since 2006, we are a registered Pty Ltd having registration number 2019/082063/07 which can be verified on the CIPC website here: https://eservices.cipc.co.za/Search.aspx. We are also a medically registered (with CIPC) company and a VAT registered company having registration number 4280285448 which can be verified by SARS here : https://secure.sarsefiling.co.za/vatvendorsearch.aspx . You pay into an account held at Nedbank in the name of Research Peptides South Africa (Pty) Ltd and non-delivery can be reported to Nedbank and dispute opened. Our WhatsApp line is also RICA’d. We deliver hundreds of parcels each week and a google search would also reveal fraud or misconduct. We also now have a score and rating with scam advisor seen here: https://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/researchpeptides.co.za

Can i have my tracking number?

This we supply on request with pleasure. As we dispatch we receive the tracking information. This can be given to a client to self-track a parcel

My Parcel has not arrived, where is my parcel?

On shipping of your parcel, we dispatch and get a tracking number. The parcel is collected by a third party courier company. We endeavor to make use of the better couriers in South Africa as they often change “score” with regards to service, we adjust our shipping accordingly. When parcel leaves our dispatch with the courier we are limited as to directing the delivery of such parcels. We supply our customer with a tracking number and contact information for the courier. It is the clients responsibility to track and trace from this point onwards as we are unable to determine what issues may be encountered by the courier, we are also unable to control courier operations.

What help can I get with my parcel once it leaves the courier?

We are able to offer a tracking number and in many cases track for you. We are also able to resend parcels that are lost by the courier free of charge to you. We are unable to offer a follow up service with the courier as often the courier will not deal with us being the sender and will only deal with the client. We are also limited in terms of what we can do to assist with delays and internal issues at the courier.

What time and when will the courier deliver to me, I may not be home tomorrow...

We are unable to offer this information as we have little control over the third party carriers. The better way to get this information would be to contact the courier company with the waybill we can give you, and ask them when they will come to you. You can also make arrangements directly with them for delivery.

How is the Cold Chain maintained during transit?

We do produce all items here in SA. We have built into our products a custom lactose binder that allows a lot more heat tolerance to the “African Sun” and heat. We also do ship in heat sensitive bubble wrap. The items are stored cooled at courier if on over weekend warehouse stay. They should be able to withstand temperatures of maximum 28 celcius for a straight period of 36 hours. We have had little to no heat related issues on deliveries to date. Our lactose binder we use also has a built in “self destruct” ability. If the temperature measures were breached and peptide in compromised, the vial wont mix.

Do I get water with my peptides order?

With each injectable peptide order, you receive free, all water needed for all vials purchased as well as 10 free insulin syringes to get you started. Additional syringes can be purchased under the peptide consumables section of our website shop. With your nasal order you receive one needle per cannister for use when mixing the item, and all water needed

Do I get syringes with my order?

With each injectable peptide order, you receive free, all water needed for all vials purchased as well as 10 free insulin syringes to get you started. Additional syringes can be purchased under the peptide consumables section of our website shop. With your nasal order you receive one needle per cannister for use when mixing the item, and all water needed.

I have my parcel but I don't have dosing instructions!

Dosing details can be found on our website under each product towards the bottom of the information section. Alternatively you can ask us on WhatsApp or email and we will send you the information with pleasure.

Can I pay cash for my order and waive the V.A.T.?

We do accept cash however we are unable to waive VAT under any circumstance. We also can only take cash in the form of deposit into our designated account, we accept no cash paid on delivery or personal deliveries of cash for stock.

Do you accept C.O.D?

We unfortunately only can dispatch against a confirmed payment

Can I order in BUlk?

Yes we do offer discounts on bulk orders. These vary depending on order size. For bulk orders you can WhatsApp us directly on 0609974604 to get pricing. The website does not offer a bulk pricing structure to consumers.

Can you label your products for me with my label?

We unfortunately do not offer this service. We can ship without our labels to you “blank” so you may create your own labels and attach. We can offer label sizes for print should you need this information.

I am not in South Africa, can you help me?

We unfortunately are unable to send small orders to clients not in South Africa. We have a minimum order quantity for international shipment. More info on this can be received one email or WhatsApp enquiry with us. We also have an agreement with an international partner that can easily ship smaller orders anywhere in the world. Their website is www.peptidesworldwide.com

Can you send a parcel with no company branding?

Yes we do offer this service to ensure anonymity and as an optional privacy control on receipt of your parcel.

What delivery options do you have?

We use door to door courier or Postnet to Postnet delivery

I have my own courier, can they collect?

Yes we do allow self-collection by courier companies


Need more help? You can send us an email on info@buypeptides.co.za or WhatsApp us directly on +27 60 997 4604

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