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Clinical Test Expectation – SARMS GW0742 – Human Subjects : Energy increase. Prevent muscle loss. Muscle oxidative capacity. Fat burning. Reduced total cholesterol. Anti-inflammatory actions
MG Strength:  10mg

GW0742 is actually not a SARM. Instead, it’s a PPAR, or proliferator-activated receptor agonist. However, it’s generally lumped in with SARMs because it has similar effects on the body. It’s very similar to another PPAR labeled as a SARM – Cardarine.

Both drugs share a similar chemical structure, and while Cardarine is older, they both work in a similar way. In fact, the two drugs only differ by a single atom between compounds. Both are also manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (note that GSK has stopped manufacturing Cardarine at the time of this review and the future of GW0742 is unclear as well).1

As mentioned, GW0742 is not really a SARM. So, that’s one way it differs right off the bat. However, it differs in how it affects the body, as well. GW0742 works similarly to SARMs in a couple of ways. First, it helps build lean muscle. Second, it helps improve bone density. However, the real benefit of this drug is in how it affects fat in the body. In that way, it works the same as any other PPAR on the market – it turns fat into a powerful source of energy for the body while dramatically increasing the oxidative capacity of muscle tissue. Simply put, it’s well-suited for endurance athletes who need to keep their body fat low, but also need to ensure that their muscles are able to withstand extreme use.

Another way that GW0742 SARM differs from other drugs on the market is that it affects insulin sensitivity in the body. It is currently being investigated as a potential treatment for Type 2 diabetes in at least one clinical trial involving laboratory rats. In comparison, conventional SARMs only build lean muscle mass, enhance strength, and improve bone density.

According to anecdotal evidence, GW0742 offers a wide range of benefits, including the following:

Fat Burning – Perhaps the most visible benefit of this PPAR is the ability to burn fat and use it as an energy source for the body.This drug is able to boost the body’s metabolism and stimulate a change in fuels from carbs to fat, similar to what occurs during ketosis. It also pulls adipose from the arms, legs, and abdomen (one of the most difficult areas of the body from which to lose fat).
Muscle Oxidative Capacity – The oxidative capacity of muscle tissue has a direct impact on endurance and the ability to complete work over a prolonged period of time. Think running a marathon or going for a record-long workout in the gym. With prolonged work comes the ability to burn even more calories, resulting in the clean, lean, cut look you want.
Prevent Muscle Loss – Anyone who has ever tried to burn fat knows that eventually, the body will cannibalize its muscle tissue in order to preserve fat stores against future need. With GW0742 SARM, that does not occur. Muscle tissue is maintained, while fat is burned.
Energy Increase – Another benefit from GW0742 SARM is an increase in available energy. This is in direct contrast to the results most weight loss plans achieve, which leave you feeling drained and lethargic. Your glucose metabolism is suppressed while the body is encouraged to begin burning more fat reserves.
Other Potential Benefits – There are unsubstantiated claims that GW0742 SARM can offer additional benefits, including reduced total cholesterol, supporting a healthy lipid profile, and reducing inflammation.

The operation of GW0742 SARM in the body is not clear due to a complete lack of human testing. However, it is thought that it acts similarly to Cardarine, which has seen more extensive animal testing, but no human testing. Both drugs are considered investigatory only and are not approved for use in humans. If GW0742 SARM works similarly to Cardarine, it improves the gene expression that stimulates fat metabolism within the body. This allows it to accelerate fat loss and means that your cutting efforts will yield much more significant results. It can allow bodybuilders to achieve the ripped physique they want, with better vascularity and much more defined musculature.

Mixing and our recommended dosage – SARMS GW0742
Week 1 Take one capsule a day 1 hour before gym/exercise
Week 2 Take one capsules a day 1 hour before gym/exercise
Week 3 Take two capsules a day 1 hour before gym/exercise
Week 4 Take two capsules a day 1 hour before gym/exercise

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