Minoxidil 10mg/ml – 20ml (Rogaine) – Peptide Infused Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) Serum

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Increases hair density. Boosts hair growth


Clinical Test Expectation – Minoxidil 10mg/ml – 20ml – Human Subjects :Increases hair density. Boosts hair growth
Strength – 10MG/ml peptide serums containing the optimal amount of Hyaluronic Acid at 2% potency, balanced between 4 and 5 pH.
Ingredients : 10mg/ml Minoxidil peptide, 10ml Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) serum (overall concentration – 2%/ml) balanced to 4 – 5 pH, 1.1%/20ml preservative – Ascorbic Acid, 10ml bacteriostatic water (0.9%/ml Benzyl Alcohol), free of Paraben (parahydroxybenzoates esters | parahydroxybenzoic acid)

A study on regenerative medicine says that Hyaluronic Acid mixed with anti aging, collagen peptides can speed up the healing process and make the healing tissue better overall. Other research says that hyaluronic acid can help wounds heal faster by making them more hydrated, reducing inflammation, and encouraging the growth of new blood vessels. Minoxidil is a professionally recommended medication for hair care issues. In the 1960s, the medication was first developed to treat high blood pressure. But during studies on its effectiveness, an improvement in hair growth was noted.

It is now used both for treating blood pressure and improving hair growth.  In fact, after a few years of research, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the topical usage of minoxidil to treat male hair loss. In later years, people started using it for female hair loss as well. Minoxidil topical medication is available from us as a serum to be mixed into cream.

Boosts Hair Growth
Minoxidil is used for hair growth. Experts say that one can see a visible amount of hair growth, after four months of proper treatment. Studies suggest that 60% to 70% of the patients get a good result after a proper medication of minoxidil. But regrowth of hair on a completely bald scalp is virtually impossible.

Increases Hair Density
Minoxidil not only stimulates hair growth but also increases the density of your hair. It means that when you use minoxidil for hair growth, it makes your hair much fuller and healthier.

Suits Most Hair Types
Minoxidil is safe for all hair types in general. People with any type of natural hair should not face any major problem while applying minoxidil. However, those with coloured hair may experience mild irritation after using minoxidil.

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