PE-22-28 – 8mg per vial

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Anti depressant. Stroke Recovery.TREK-1 inhibitor. Assists with mood, memory and learning. Aids muscle function

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Clinical Test Expectation – PE-22-28 – Human Subjects : Anti depressant. Stroke Recovery.TREK-1 inhibitor. Assists with mood, memory and learning. Aids muscle function
Strength – 8MG per vial

This peptide has been found to be a natural and fast-acting therapeutic peptide that may treat depression better than other TREK-1 blockers. The optimal PE-22-28 dosage for depression is shown below. While its effectiveness has been proven, PE-22-28 is a new peptide that does not have a published study involving human subjects. Presently, experiential data suggests that this peptide may possess almost no harmful side effects while being equally or more effective than current and classic antidepressants.

This peptide are natural peptides, which generally have higher levels of safety than most antidepressants. Additionally, unlike prescription antidepressants, natural peptides do not provoke withdrawal behavior when no longer used. Moreover, PE-22-28 is fast-acting. Currently, marketed antidepressant drugs often take several weeks to become effective. PE-22-28 only needs four days to exert their effects. Additionally, PE-22-28 is effective regardless of how it is administered.

While research and data collection continues, PE-22-28 benefits look promising. And with the growing public awareness of the importance of mental health, this peptide offers a potential new way to envision depression treatment without the harmful health risks.

Dosing Details – PE-22-28
You inject 2ml water into the vial of PE 22-28 from the water vial. 1 full syringe is 1ml. You then wait for the vial powder content to dissolve ON ITS OWN. DO NOT SHAKE THE VIAL TO MIX POWDER. Once dissolved and clear in colour you draw out 25 – 30 (2.5 to 3 units) on the syringe each morning before breakfast and inject it into the tummy under the skin into the fatty skin layer.

How long will a vial last ?
A vial should last 7-8 days.

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