Tesamorelin Nasal Spray – 2MG per bottle

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Reduce Belly Fat. Also used to assist with HIV induced belly fat.

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Clinical Test Expectation – Tesamorelin Nasal Spray – Human Subjects : Reduce Belly Fat. Also used to assist with HIV induced belly fat.
Strength – 2MG per vial

Dosing Details – Tesamorelin Nasal Spray
Inject 1 ml water into the vial of Tesamorelin from the vial of water. 1 ml is a full syringe. Draw out all the contents of the vial once mixed and clear in colour and inject into the nasal bottle. Then inject the balance of all the water in the 2 water vials 5ml each / 1 vial 10ml into the nasal bottle. So in total there will be 10ml water in the nasal bottle and the contents of the vial. Spray 2 times per nostril at night before bed.

Although this item is a different version of the injectable peptide, the action and mechanisms of action are the same. For more information on the action and mechanisms of action for this product please click here : Tesamorelin – 2MG per vial

Do I pick the nasal or the injectable ? Which is better ??
Biologically they are the same in terms of result just that they differ in terms of method of absorption. The selection of one or the other is normally based on preference. Also some people do report one or the other to have worked better for them. We are not sure what causes this variance as they are both the same in terms of action and strength. It is only the absorption method that varies by design respectively

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