Cardio Calm 50ml Peptide Drops

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Reduction in blood pressure and hypertension. Heart support. Nervous system relaxation

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Clinical Test Expectation – Cardio Calm 50ml Peptide Drops – Human Subjects : Reduction in blood pressure and hypertension. Heart support. Nervous system relaxation
Contains – Natural fermented herbal elements and peptides
Ingredients –
B7-33 3mg, Cortagen 6mg, Hawthorn berries, Motherwort, Ginkgo Biloba Hops

This exciting natural range is locally manufactured, using fermented herbs and some peptide elements. Produced with the assistance of leading biochemists and herbologists, this range boasts an array of exciting benefits.

Not for pregnant or lactating women.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Discontinue if sensitive to any of the ingredients.

More information on the peptides in this blend
B7-33 3mg –
Reducing fibrosis in acute and chronic diseases like heart failure, lung inflammation, and the kidneys. Aids Sperm motility, testicular descent, joint health, pre-eclampsia, wound healing

Cortagen 6mg –
Treatment of depression. Assists with structural and functional post-traumatic regeneration of peripheral nerve tissue and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular parameters.

Dosing Details – Cardio Calm 50ml Peptide Drops
– 20 drops under the tongue 2x per day
Children – 1 drop per year of age, up to 15 per day
Keep under the tongue for 1 minute. Alternatively dilute in small amount of hot water or tea, to remove alcohol and allow to cool.

How long will a bottle last ?
A bottle should last 20-30 days at maximum use

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